Baby’s Cafe

I’m in HongKong right now, i am in love with the weather here. Not too cold, about 16degrees.

Went for afternoon tea with my bestfriend in Hongkong and i decided to do some shopping because i desperately need a good face moisturizer and a bigger bag!

We had tea at Baby’s cafe, a cafe opened by Hongkong model Angelababy.

pomelo ice-cream with orange cake

ox tail soup


me & joyce

random, my baby cousin playing with my new shoe. He poured out everything in my shopping bag!

cutie! x

Have a gd week ahead! ciao!

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Magic making

I’m flying off back to HongKong tomorrow, and i’m extremely excited!

My online store WearBianca  will still be operating while i’m away. Been working on this necklace last weekend, I named it ‘NewBorn’ because it is the first self designed necklace that i will be putting up for sale. Crystals, spikes & cross, the perfect combination of femininity and edginess, that’s what i love in a girl.

You can get it now at WearBianca ! Also, i must thank everyone who have been supporting Wearbianca, it has been as great time serving you girls!

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Taste Paradise

Dim sum hunting. We were supposed to go to Royal China at raffles hotel for dimsum but we woke up too late and it was fully booked so we went to our second alternative – taste paradise at ION. The food was good, but the service was horrid.

May i complain for once ? We arrived at 2pm exactly as we have reserved a table at 2pm. However, despite the reservation made we still had to wait for 10-15mins , and the worst part was that the last order was at 2.30pm. That really drove me mad. That means we couldnt even add extra orders if we wanted more. Also, even though reservation was made, no small table was available for 3 people, so they made us sit at this huge round table for 12 people which was really weird. Its hard to get the staff to take orders, they were often blind to our hand signals. Only one older female staff treated us well by trying her best to help us order an extra dish despite the last order time was over. We have not even finished eating, a staff (or with higher position) came and impolitely told us ‘pay the bills.’ without a please or whatever. Is she afraid that we don’t have money or what?! While we split the cost and paid by cash she looked really impatient and when we paid her, she just grab the money and left without a word of thanks. Shockingly rude ! 
                                          I promise i wont complain anymore haha. I wouldnt want to turn my blog into a complaining platform. I am usually pretty tolerant towards poor customer service, but not this time round mainly because the food was expensive too i guess. 
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Lazy Sunday afternoon.

Drizzle, wet, slow pace..

looking tired.

Tribal choker from Laos~

We’re craving for hot stuff to escape from the chilling rain!

(ddukbokkie) from a small stall made by real koreans!

Hope you guys will have a great week ahead! I’ll be flying back to Hongkong next week! Too excited! Before that i have to prepare for a small performance.

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Preview + behind the scene

I’m really excited to launch the ribbon collection at WearBianca tomorrow! So i’ll like to share with you guys some of the non-official/behind the scene photos!~

So check out WearBianca online store tmrw at 6pm! Meanwhile we have also added new items like bracelets ! Before flying off to Hongkong i’ll also be bringing more EyeWear!*exciting times! So look forward to them! 😉

I do not usually model for my own products but due to time constraint this time, i had to. Usually i’m the photographer n stylist.

thats me looking very engrossed with the ribbon in hand!

funny ugly face hereeee!

Aldon is my admin! & photographer this time~

so see you guys at the online store! for any inquiries email us at !

Also to place an order, fill up the order form provided at the site’s page! x love

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The look for NewYear

Abercrombie & fitch dress, Knitted fur coat , red vintage bag & red slip-on shoes.

The 1st look for the NewYear ! Sorry i could barely bring myself to smile because the sun was shinning directly at my face! I struggled to even open my eyes! haha

i bought this bag recently, and i’m totally in love with its colour and texture!

i will be selling this spike bracelet at my online store soon! check it out!

This slip-on shoe is way too comfortable!~

May 2012 be a good one for you! x

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Christmas Dinner!

I’m sorry for flooding u guys with food pictures, my blog is becoming a food blog soon! hahaha!

fact : i gained 2kg after Alevels.

This is too good, i love salmon!

sweet potato and all the healthy stuff! WOOHOO!

all the girls!~ Sabina (she speaks fluent german!) Queenie (from NewZealand & knows jap) and Abbie ! We all can speak Cantonese!~


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