This place deals with the unceasing obsession with fashion, photography, literature and classical music.


My name is Theodora Lorene To See Long , i’m a high school student.

Working towards entering a Music college next year 😉

 I do not beg to differ, as originality should come naturally from within.. i hate to think of the word ‘begging’. Sounds terrifyingly dreadful.

Have a great time here! Thankyou for reading! :>


4 Responses to About

  1. bebebleuroses says:

    Hello! I haven’t seen any of your updates on tumblr in awhile, and remember that you frequent your wordpress more often. I see that you’re in HongKong now, how fun! I just got back from Asia myself. Just wanted to say hi. 🙂

    • DearBianca says:

      hey! yeah! i am still pretty bad at tumblr. I should be back soon! haha. I feel like deleting this blog and making a new one though!

  2. bebebleuroses says:

    Why? As in another wordpress or another type of blog? This has got alot of cool stuff from you…!

    • DearBianca says:

      i feel like making a new blog! I Jusst read your blog today! your christmas pictures are so pretty! LOVE UR EYES!

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