Vientaine Laos Part 1

I was at Vientaine, the capital of Laos for about a week. I had an amazing time there. Visiting some friends and making new friends. I went with my dad and a few other friends. In general everything was great except for the transit we took to KL. I think KL airport management is really bad and slow. Flight delayed many times, inaccurate information regarding checktime in, boarding gate..etc. We arrived in Vientaine at about late afternoon.

For some security reasons i will be not elaborating too much on the places i have visited in Laos.

Flight snack

our guest house kitchen that only serves french style breakfast.

outside our room on the second floor.

This is some crazy electric lines.

I think there is only one shiseido store in the whole of Vientaine.

The streets.

our one and only local meal. haha

Near the Mekong River, in the evening. It gets dark really early there.

Right across is thailand already. Mekong River is a transborder river. Recently they embanked the river. I am pretty disappointed that they did not have any water activities for tourist at all. Having a river is such an asset but they did not take advantage of it.

The night market near the Mekong River.

sorry for the grainy pictures.

The view of the night market from the pub nearby where we had dinner!

Sex on the beach


Street side food, try at your own risk haha!

Other pubs

life size tintin! This is a Belgian Cafe, we had dinner here later on another day.

More coming up! x stay tune!


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