Strangers, with or without a mask.

I queued this post, so now i’m currently still in Laos as you’re reading this! hehe! Had my school prom last Sunday, i must admit that i was extremely reluctant to go, but for the 90bucks i paid, i’ll go. haha! Was supposed to wear my MaryJanes from NewLook but i was too lazy, and a more flowly jacket but i didn’t for the same reason! So i feel very underdressed and i was drinking a cup of watermelon juice from a plastic cup while walking into Marriott Hotel, how… improper. Haha

My makeup artist (my sister!) haha so i became her artwork.

Mavis looking very beautiful here!

Mich and Val (my two closest friend in SR, for a recluse like me. hehe)

Davina, she’s the runner up for Prom Queen, i just wna touch those shiny gems on her shoulders! I think her dress is a very beautiful shade of green!

Jasmine and i, we are both living proof of people from HongKong who can speak proper English! hahah! I love her hairstyle here.

This is Sylvia and i love the way she is confident about herself.

WOO! TngKwang! the most innocent and hardworking boy in schoooool. (rare gem okay) He’s like one of the only guy i took picture with other than Karan! If i didnt take a picture with him, and people look through my school album (prom or grad) they will think that i studied in some all girls high school seriously! hahaha!

I didnt really take much pictures, i was busy eating, because the lighting was so bad i didnt really wanted to take pictures ! haha So i was just eating and eating and ended up looking like a watermelon at the end of the night.

Xx i’ll be back sooon! Have a gd week!


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