Act like a child.

I’ve not changed much in the way i treat people and handle my relationships with people since i was a child. Sometimes i get really shy and sometimes alittle too brave for my own good. Often very vulnerable..

As a child i have a very bad habit of dismantling and destroying things, books, cars and dolls. I do not destroy things intentionally, i just got curious about the way how things will look when the parts are seperated! (sick or?) haha

This is the first doll that was not destroyed or brokened. I was a real tomboy as a child. haha!

My favourite doll.

This is a meaningless post but i just thought about how much this doll reminds me of my childhood.

Anyway, i’ll be flying to Laos tomorrow for a week! (dread morning flights) but i’m equally excited and scared at the same time! Going to see the Mekong River and visiting some fields! I love the nature. I’ll be back! Xx

love you guys! x (ps.i know some of you who reads my blog!)


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