HorsePrints X Tulle

Wanted to show you guys this horse print top for a really long time! Here it is! Finally! This is my favourite basic t-shirt in my wardrobe now!

I have to admit that the horse looks pretty sad. It looks like its painted on, with very beautiful strokes!

Anyway this vintage velvet clutch will be on sale on my upcoming online store!

i’ll be Launching it on the 23rd of December! i’ll tell you guys more about it later!

Shoes and Skirt are from NewLook. White gem ring is from H&M.

Xx Have a good weekend ahead! love.



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2 Responses to HorsePrints X Tulle

  1. Steffi says:

    Omg where did you get your shirt from?!

    • DearBianca says:

      i got it from bugis village!! you got to dig it out. Those shops that sells T-shirts for tourists! One of the section have animal prints, usually they will put wolf or tiger at the front so u got to dig the back! its 10bucks only! a steal 😉

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