Give Details some thought

The pain a person can inflict on themselves, is greater than any kind of physical pain inflicted by others. I am utterly disappointed with myself today. No words could express the self hatred i posses.

Hélas! Hélas! triste réveil des songes
Je t’appelle, ô nuit, rends moi tes mensonges.

Here are some photos i took last sunday, talking about moodswings.. the sky is best at it.

Take note of the details.

Cotton shirt with corset detailing from Cache Cache. Olive Harem pants. Brogue. Fareast. Studded vest with leopard inner-lining. Flea

I took this narrow path because i know this is just a stepping stone, the beautiful life ahead is waiting for me. That would only be possible if i can overcome the obstacle now. This obstacle that seems to be impossible to overcome. Give me strength oh Lord. My withered soul needs nourishment. Time is running out… i’m falling apart.


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