The interview

2 weeks ago i met up with Zihan as she wanted to interview me regarding my passion for classical music for her journalism assignment. So we went to starbucks, it was a great evening. Here are some of the questions she asked me and i’ll answer some of them here! 😉

1) Who influenced you to take up classical music ?

Definitely my mom! She is my classical vocal teacher and she is the one who introduced classical music to me. My mom is a musician, conductor, vocalist and vocal teacher. She used to be a music critic too when we lived in Hongkong! I travelled with her when she was invited to perform overseas, and i attended her rehearsals when i was young as there was no one to take care of me so she would bring me along. These experiences exposed me to the beauty of classical music and soon i fell in love with it, i have to learn it! My mom is also my vocal teacher now.

2) Have you ever been afraid that your friends might take you wrongly if they know that you embrace classical music ?

Well, yes i have been. Especially when i was younger. I was afraid that people will think that classical music is so boring and old-fashioned. Friends around me usually stereotype classical music as being ‘glass-shattering’ ‘sleeping-music’ …etc However such comments only reinforce their ignorance regarding classical music and their myopic and narrow mindset. Seriously, classical music is SO MUCH MORE than just Beethoven and Mozart. Come on, without classical music,  movies like Pirates of Caribbean, Harry potter..etc wouldnt be as exciting.. trust me on this! Now that i’m already almost 18 and having been laughed and mocked at uncountable times, i’m completely immune to it!

3) Where do you see yourself in 10 years or more?

In 10 years time, i would possibly have graduated from a music conservatoire with either a degree or hopefully a master’s degree. I think i will be performing around Asia or even Wordwide, working on productions that stretches from broadway musicals to operas. I hope to be also conducting several established choirs and directing some music productions. 😉

4) What would you do to bring back classical music back into your generation?

Actually i have already planned to set up a website after my Alevels, where i will combine daily fashion with classical music. As people in my generation is very visual oriented and often fashion is the main thing which attracts them, it would be good to  introduce classical music and fashion together. Also, i think mixing comtemporary art with classical music would be effective in attracting my generation. Social networking platforms are an extremely important platform to reach out to them. I heard that Cleveland orchestra have carried out ‘live-twitting’ during their concerts where people can tweet onto this live board about what is going on in the music piece that is being played. For example ” the solo violinist is adding embellishments to his solo passage! ” Yes i think this would be exciting!

There’s alot more but i’m afraid that you all will fall asleep reading! haha! 

we both happened to be wearing grey!

and we went to get burgers after that! Tell me i wont get fat! argggh

goodnight! x


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