strange girl

I find myself, a very strange person. I get detached from this world way too easily. I always feel as if i am floating away from the crowd. I am as independent as i am not. (if you get what i mean)

unpublished picture

{{Anyway for those of you living in Singapore, do come down to Scape which is beside  Cineleisure next Saturday 4th June, a few friends and i will be setting up 2 stalls at the flea! Do come down to look around and support us !! I’ll be selling most of my tops at $5/ Dresses and Blazers below $15/ I have some really beautiful heels and vintage-retro bags for sales too! Most of my clothes are either brand new or worn once only! Looking forward to see you guys there!}}

–Inspirational rings i’ve been looking at on the web!–


H&M rings

From Topshop

These are killers!

From Vivienne Westwood

Hope you guys have a good week ahead! Anyway an Eco park was recently opened near my house, i’m going to make a trip down there soon. I heard that there are many beautiful birds and flowers there and the landscape is so breath-taking and beautiful! Can’t wait for the weekends to come! x


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