Lemon Tea

I have always been addicted to the irresistable lemon tea and i am referring to the freshly brewed ones i make at home. It’s fast, healthy (if you do not add to much sugar) and delicious. It’s sucha common and simple drink to make, almost anyone could do it.

However i have something to share, i’m not sure if you have heard about it or if you are already doing it. I’ll share it anyway. This is a method to bring out the fragrance of the lemon more strongly, and it blends in with the tea more evenly. 😉

1) Cut up a 2-3 generous slices of lemon

(unlike the pathetic amount you get outside)

2) I prefer brown sugar

(It’s natural and it taste better)

3) Scooping the amount of sugar you would usually add to your tea.

(2 teaspoon for me)

4) Here’s the Special part! Instead of adding your sugar into your hot cup of tea, you mix it with the lemon, squashing the lemon, making sure the lemon juice and the sugar blends.

This way brings out the taste of lemon more strongly. Yet it does not taste sour, giving the right balance.

Pouring the lemon(with the sugar on it) and the juice from the bowl/plate into your glass of hot tea and mixing it.

Here you go!



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