Happy Belated Valentine’s day to all of you out there!

Rose in the jam bottle.

 I finished all those jam by myself in less than a month’s time.

Eye bags and puffy cheeks.

We played this little game over dinner, about what this unconventional couple ring would symbolise. As couples normally get their names encarved or words like ‘forever’ ‘trust’ and ‘love’ on their rings. This is like any other fashion rings but we were just playing a game.

1) It was all a gamble, we don’t know it would end, we’re taking a risk, and unknowingly we got addicted to one another on the way.

b) In this game of love, we both dominate the relationship. Like how you dominate the game.

My valentine’s day was filled with concert rehearsal and test.

Anyway on saturday a few of my friends and i had a Valentine’s day breakfast! It was lovely.



Cass being extremely disturbed by my hair here! hahaa

More pictures later from Siuli’s and Cass’s camera which are not uploaded yet.

thats me looking so awkward and unnatural, and siuli’s funny face.


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One Response to Valentine

  1. casssieeeee says:

    ❤ thanks for the amzing flower 🙂

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