I’ll no longer update here.

Visit my new blog here

See you there.x

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I have been contemplating on whether i should start a new blog all over again.

Since, i have finished highschool, many things have changed. I want to move on to a new space to express my ideas, feelings and passion.

what do you think?

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Fireworks X Harbor city

Watching the fireworks display at Tsim sha tsui, we had tickets to go to the rooftop of harbor city to view the fireworks display where the crowd is smaller.

With Zendy & kinnie. My cousins!

smiley face fireworks

below is my favorite!

We went for dessert after that! My love for dessert knows no bounds.

Hope you will have a great weekend ahead!x i’m watching a viola concert at the hongkong cityhall concert hall tomorrow night with kinnie and i’m very thrilled!

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Winter River

Stroll along the river in this chilling weather.

The colors so apt for this festive season, and to brush off the unwelcoming chill.

lace peterpan collar top, orange pleated skirt, black n white oxford shoes

Gloves from promod, belt from cotton on 

Love. x

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New Year outfit

It was slightly rainy today, wet & cold..  Some raindrops on my lens.

Happy Chinese New Year to all ! Took a stroll along the river near my aunt’s place today and some relatives came over to visit us. I do really miss my parents. 2 more weeks before i can see them again, undeniably, i find myself alittle brave to be here alone.

the knitted jumper is not enough, i was becoming an ice pop while taking the picture! haha

Get this ring at here now!

I think the fallen flower petals look really pretty here.

Have a gd week ahead! ~

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We should treat everyone in a way as if there is a timer, time is running out. There’s only time for joy and care, nothing else.

lunch with aunt.

Golden goodness

Pumpkin cake!

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Happy Belated Birthday Elyse!

I’m in Hongkong right now, and that means i am missing out my bestfriend’s Birthday! I feel really bad about it so i made her a video and my friends would be showing it to her later! She have been around for me all the time! So glad to have her with me!

Hey Elyse! Happy Birthday! Hope you’ll have a blessed and more meaningful year ahead! Love you. x

Here’s the video for her! Sorry the camera was out of focus, i couldnt redo it because i was in a rush!

Stay tune.x

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